Actress, Singer, Writer, Director and Producer at MyDestiny Production

From a young age, Sabine Mondestin showed an interest in both the theater and writing. At the age of nine, she began to play different roles on stage, commercial and television shows. Her greatest success came when she interpreted the role of Cleopatra, whom she played for four years.

In addition to being an actress, Sabine Mondestin was a columnist for the TV show "Noir de Monde" and a freelance researcher for radio and television. Recently she started her own production company, “MyDestiny Production" with which she produced , directed and wrote the Web Series, ''13 Witches” for which she received several awards including the ''Outstanding Producing for a Sci Fi Horror Series'' at the LAWEB festival in Los Angeles.

In addition to writing, acting and directing, Sabine also sings, she recently wrote the lyrics for "Let Them Hate" and "Une Mangeuse d’homme" two songs produced by Steve Lareau .

My new blog and website

Welcome to my new and improve blog and website where I will open myself about my life ,thought ,ambition and success. I invite you to communicate directly with me on this space and I will answer as soon as I can. Feel free to come back as often as possible...

Documentaire Entrevue À propos de mon nouveau film 13 Witches

Depuis le début de ” 13 Witches” J’ai reçu beaucoup de commentaires et de questions sur le processus de création duce show. J’ai essayé de répondre à la plupart d’entre eux, et encore plus dans ce documentaire sous forme d’entrevue

Amazing creations by the talented Steve Lareau

Steve Lareau is an amazing and Talented photographer from Gramby, Canada . He knows how to get the best of me. Most of the photographer I work with never really take the time to bring the best of me …Here’s some sample of his amazing work Steve Lareau est un...

Etre Vrai …

Est-ce que c’est possible de juste être réel et partager un peu d’amour autour de vous ? Est-ce que c’est possible d’aimer quelqu’un et de lui dire franchement de nos jours ? Est-ce que on peut dire a quelqu’un qu’il a du talent ou que vous l’admirez sans avoir l’air...

Interview Documentary About My New Movie 13 Witches

Interview Documentary About 13 Witches   Since the beginning of 13 witches I’ve received a lot of feedback and questions about the creating process of the show. I’ve tried to answer most of them and even more in this Interview Documentary. Enjoy