Actress, Singer, Writer, Director and Producer at MyDestiny Production

From a young age, Sabine Mondestin showed an interest in both the theater and writing. At the age of nine, she played different roles on Stage, Commercial and Television Shows. Her greatest success came when she interpreted the role of Cleopatra, whom she played for four years.

Being more than an actress, Sabine was a columnist for the TV show "Noir de Monde" and a freelance researcher for national Radio and Television stations.

Ms. Mondestin also founded and own the production company “ MyDestiny Production " with which she Produced, Directed, and Wrote the Web Series/Movie ''13 Witches” for which she received several awards including the ''Outstanding Producing for a Sci-Fi Horror Series'' at the Prestigious LAWEB festival in Los Angeles. Another Sabine success story is the Short Movie "Insanity" which is an Official Selection of many 2014-15 Film Festivals.

In addition to writing, acting, and directing, Sabine is also a singer. She recently wrote and interpreted the lyrics for "Let Them Hate", "Une Mangeuse d’hommes" and "I Just Want My Chocolate" three songs produced by Steve Lareau.

Sabine currently lives in Toronto

She wrote over 22 TV/Movie scripts and is managing multiple projects with budget ranging from $1000 to $5000000.

In 2014 Sabine stared in a lead role in "The Vagina Monologues" play, all nights were sold out and acclaimed by the media.

Sabine shoes blog gets thousands of visitors every month and gained popularity exponentially.

Her new venture the OWTFF is a Film Festival that help aspiring and established Filmmakers gain exposure and recognition.

My new venture

Since I was young, I always wanted to sing on a stage.When I was between 5 to 1o  years old , I use to sing to some songs of Madonna , Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses and I imagined there was a crowed listening to me . I could not...

My Favorite Quotes

Sometimes to makes me smiles or just to gives me a little push I like to read some great quotes to make me think …I am a thinker and everything that stimulate my brain gets me excited – If you don’t build your dreams ,someones will hire you to build...

Qu’est-ce qui est sexy ?

Pendant des années, les médias ont essayés de contrôler ce que la population devrait trouver sexy. Dans chaque film, ils vous montrent ce qui est supposé être sexy  … Voici mon idée de ce qui est sexy ” le sex-appeal vient de l’intérieur. Lorsque vous vous sentez sexy tout le...

My week at TIFF 2015 ( Toronto International Film Festival )

  It’s been a while since I have not posted on my blog …lots of things happened of my life recently ,,,I will blog more about that soon but first I wanted to share some pictures of my wonderful week at TIFF 2015 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


It’s  funny how sometimes when you listening to the media talking about bullying they usually refer to kids that are doing the action . Often in my mind when I listening to them their is a little question in  my mind …Where were the adult in the school ? How...

Le respect

C’est fou comment le monde évolue et reste pourtant le même. Les gens feront n importe quoi pour obtenir la validation, l’amour et pour être accepté. Mais maintenant, avec l’existence de du social media cette maladie est devenue encore pire Nous affichons une image de nous-mêmes et nous attendons avec...