Actress, Singer, Writer, Director and Producer at MyDestiny Production

From a young age, Sabine Mondestin showed an interest in both the theater and writing. At the age of nine, she played different roles on Stage, Commercial and Television Shows. Her greatest success came when she interpreted the role of Cleopatra, whom she played for four years.

Being more than an actress, Sabine was a columnist for the TV show "Noir de Monde" and a freelance researcher for national Radio and Television stations.

Ms. Mondestin also founded and own the production company “ MyDestiny Production " with which she Produced, Directed, and Wrote the Web Series/Movie ''13 Witches” for which she received several awards including the ''Outstanding Producing for a Sci-Fi Horror Series'' at the Prestigious LAWEB festival in Los Angeles. Another Sabine success story is the Short Movie "Insanity" which is an Official Selection of many 2014-15 Film Festivals.

In addition to writing, acting, and directing, Sabine is also a singer. She recently wrote and interpreted the lyrics for "Let Them Hate", "Une Mangeuse d’hommes" and "I Just Want My Chocolate" three songs produced by Steve Lareau.

Sabine currently lives in Toronto

She wrote over 22 TV/Movie scripts and is managing multiple projects with budget ranging from $1000 to $5000000.

In 2014 Sabine stared in a lead role in "The Vagina Monologues" play, all nights were sold out and acclaimed by the media.

Sabine shoes blog gets thousands of visitors every month and gained popularity exponentially.

Her new venture the OWTFF is a Film Festival that help aspiring and established Filmmakers gain exposure and recognition.

Courage ( Francais)

Certains jours sont plus difficiles, que d’autre … Quand je me sens vaincue, je me rappel cette citation de Bruce Lee “La défaite est un état d’esprit. Personne n’est jamais vaincu jusqu’à ce qu’il voie la défaite comme une réalité. Pour moi, la défaite n’est qu’une situation temporaire, et me...

Other stills of Sabine Mondestin in the great show 13 Witches

  To find more about this sexy fantasy story go the official website and like the official fan page And to Watch all the episodes  

My new blog and website

Welcome to my new and improve blog and website where I will open myself about my life ,thought ,ambition and success. I invite you to communicate directly with me on this space and I will answer as soon as I can. Feel free to come back as often as possible...

My Favorite Quotes

Sometimes to makes me smiles or just to gives me a little push I like to read some great quotes to make me think …I am a thinker and everything that stimulate my brain gets me excited – If you don’t build your dreams ,someones will hire you to build...