Who is Sabine Mondestin ?


If you “Google” me you will realize that I am on every social media possible . The reason for that is to be able to promote me ,my work and my company . The only thing is I often try not to talk to much about my personal life . …

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Being a Black Woman in Canada


It may seem like a cliche but GOD it’s hard to be an ambitious black woman in America …It is changing but it’s still hard specially if you are in Canada . Let me tell you my own experiences …If you know a bit of my life you know I …

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Interview Documentary About My New Movie 13 Witches


Interview Documentary About 13 Witches   Since the beginning of 13 witches I’ve received a lot of feedback and questions about the creating process of the show. I’ve tried to answer most of them and even more in this Interview Documentary. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qr6X11nOqL0  

13 Witches mentioned in the “New York Times”


13 Witches mentioned in the “New York Times” WOW this is amazing the NEW YORK TIMES just mention “13 witches” in a article !!!! This will give us more tools to find investors for the the Movie base on the web series…The web series has more than 1 millions views …

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My opinion on sexiness…


For years the media have try to control what the population should find sexy . In every movie they show you what’s suppose to be sexy and what’s not … Here’s my idea of what is SEXY ” Sexiness come from inside . When you feel sexy everybody around can …

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13 Witches synopsis

Still of 13 Witches

13 Witches Synopsis 13 Witches Is an Amazing Story about 13 Sisters who were Persecuted In the 1700s This web series, profiles the story of 13 sisters who practiced the art of paganism during the 1700s. The sisters were wrongfully accused of being witches, and in turn, they were tortured, …

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Other stills of Sabine Mondestin in the great show 13 Witches

Stills of 13 Witches

  To find more about this sexy fantasy story go the official website 13-witches.com and like the official fan page http://www.facebook.com/13witcheswebseries And to Watch all the episodes http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA8A26C9473C90D5B&feature=plcp