13 Witches synopsis

13 Witches Synopsis

13 Witches Is an Amazing Story about 13 Sisters who were Persecuted In the 1700s

This web series, profiles the story of 13 sisters who practiced the art of paganism during the 1700s. The sisters were wrongfully accused of being witches, and in turn, they were tortured, punished, and ultimately burned alive at the stake by those that they loved. Only one escaped. Her name was Nemesis Sekhmet. Nemesis struck a deal with the devil in order to have her 12 sisters reincarnated.

Centuries later, the sisters have come back and seek revenge on all of those who stole their lives from them …Nemesis also have a plan she was to revenge but also enslaves the world . She decides to go along with her sister in a killing spree taking the soul of all the unwanted victims they find on their path alluring them with their charm.

13 Witches is a unique take on the ultimate vengeance against those who have done them wrong. Their quest for total world domination is coupled with a superior storyline, incredibly sexy actresses, and the most unique witch story ever told. Each of the 13 sisters has their own unique personalities, yet they share the same dream of revenge and domination.

This story is replete with demons, the devil, witches, and ordinary citizens with a romantic sub story to complete this sexy and dark fantasy.

With more than half a million views on the channel and more than 9000 likes on the facebook page 13 Witches is for sure attracting the attention of the public and it ‘s normal since it is the sexiest witches story ever told !!


MyDestiny Productions,


For more about this show

Official Website: 13-Witches.com

Official Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/13witcheswebseries

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/13WitchesWebSerie/featured

Official Blog: http://13witcheswebserie.blogspot.ca/

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