Self-Confidence;Don’t try to Find It On Facebook, Instagram,etc.

I am sure you know that already…Are you sure of that?

I had someone recently told me:”Your life is so wonderful and you are so self-confident and I wish I had your life”

She doesn’t even know me all she saw was my posts on Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn. But the reality sometimes there is a  gap between my post and my life…I don’t usually post about the hard times of my life….Like lots of people…There are moments where I can’t spin my life and show the best side of it.

Yes, I had lots of successful time of my life…

But almost nobody knows how hard it was for me to gets those successes. Nobody really knows how many sacrifices I had to do to achieve those goals. I do my best and I then post those random pictures showing you how successful I am… And most people think my life is perfect …But in fact, Yes I had some great successes and I am proud of it, but you only see the end result and trust me I have so much more things I want to do.They say; “fake it until you make it” …And faking is not always easy.

As for the self-confidence part …Let me tell you a little secret… I used to be very very overweight.I lost almost half of my body in a 8 or 9 years period.Even though I lost the weight sometimes, I still see myself as the big teen I used to be.I did a lot of work on myself to get over those false perceptions but it’s a challenge for every day.

The funny thing is I am not the only one doing that …

The social media is often a window of an illusion, the window of the life we wish to have, the small moments of our life that made sense and we want to be rewarded for it with likes and comments. We just want to be seen. When we have 100 likes on our Facebook post is like getting high we want more and more …But can you really judge when everybody is doing the same?

Who wants to read about how lonely you feel today? How depressed are you? Nobody wants to hear that…Because they will feel bad, guilty, bored …Nobody knows?But people don’t want to read about your challenges. We want to hear it once you succeed…Maybe it needs to change …I don’t know…What do you think?Can we as a society be there for people we don’t even know just because we feel they need our help? I know my answer but what’s yours?

Can you really judge me or all the other people that are doing the same? Who wants to read about how lonely you feel today? How depressed you feel? Nobody wants to hear about that…Because your followers will feel bad? Guilty?Bored? Nobody wants to read about that.

Will you help if you read someone is struggling on Facebook or Twitter?

I know my answer…I love to send good vibes to people who struggle because I know how life can be hard and how you can feel alone even in a crowded place…I think this world need more kindness and love and more awareness.

Lots of people are mental health awareness fighter because it looks good on they social media and it attracts lots of good comments and following  …But those people will never take the time to send a simple virtual hug to someone who posts about their struggle in life.They will never genuinely be there for people who needs them.

In conclusion…

I think we need to change our views on social media…First, what we see it’s not always true so there is no reason to envy someone we don’t even know on social media. Second, Can we try to be there for a total stranger who posts about their life struggles? I don’t know if it’s even possible but it will be amazing.

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