Art of Life

I am doing a fundraising to produce my next project called “Art of life”. It’s a movie to prevent suicide.

I wrote this script because I recently lost a friend, he committed suicide. It’s the second friend I know who decide to just give up.

I decided to write a script to inspire others. This story is base on personal experiences. when David killed himself I did not know he was struggling, I was just too focus with my own problems. But when my second friend killed himself I did not know what to say …He called me before he did it to say bye …  I did not believe him. He was so calm about it …You will be surprise how much someone can hide their pain.

I also went through hard times in my life . I was not the confident woman that I am right now . I went through some things and yes like lots of teenagers I thought of giving up .Probably one day I will write more about the secret behind my public image.I find a way to heal myself .It’s an everyday work but it worked for me.

After losing this friend, I decided to help others by creating a movie base on my own experiences. It’s my way to pay a tribute to both of my friends who committed suicide but also I want to be able to help others who are ready to give up on life.

The movie is about 5 human beings finding the courage to fight their inner demons with the support of each others.It’s a touching tale of hope and healing.

Here’s the link of the campaign

My plan once the movie is release is to give it to different organisms helping with suicide prevention.

Thank you for reading this 🙂

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