Be Real

Just be real and share some love around you …If you love someone just tell her or him …If you think someone is talented just say it …if you admire someone just say it .

If you happy to see someone just hugs her or him …Life will be so much easier if people stop playing game and just LOVE for real instead of playing haters …That’s the way I go through my life everyday

I realize that playing games is now the trend an more an more people are trying to hide behind faces …Life will be so much easier if people just share their true feeling without limit …

Being a hater is more and more rewarded just by looking at popular website like TMZ or shows like Fashion Police you see the need for meanest in this world ?

Why ? I don’t know ? If someone has an idea I will like to know …

But what I know is I don’t want to be part of this mean spirit yes I want to stand up for myself if someone attack me but why being mean for free?
Why playing games instead or just say “I love you ” or I ” think you are great”?

It’s probably an impossible dream but I wish one day being nice become the new trend …

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