Being a Black Woman in Canada

It may seem like a cliche but GOD it’s hard to be an ambitious black woman in America …It is changing but it’s still hard specially if you are in Canada .

Let me tell you my own experiences …If you know a bit of my life you know I was born in Montreal ,I spent 7 years in Vancouver and now I live in Toronto. I also spend a lot of time in Los Angeles.

When I was in Montreal it was hard for me to book other roles than prostitutes ,drug dealer girlfriend or jail mate. Why : Because that’s the only thing that Canada was use to see on TV. ( it’s changing now but it’s still way too slow)

Vancouver was a harder experiences for me because it’s a conservative city and they are not used to new cultures. I also feel that black woman is not super welcome there ( I am talking in general because I meet some of the most amazing people in Vancouver). Being a French-Canadian-Black-Woman was the worst in a place where there are still some work to do about accepting black woman for who they are really are. The problem with Vancouver was they are still stuck in a super cliche of what a Black Woman should be and I did not fit that mole. I am French Canadian and and I love to wear my hair straight but I am very eccentric with my look ( I was just born this way period)

And the funny thing is I felt that Vancouver does not like women.Women don’t support women and men don’t support  women and it’s even worst if you are a black women who try to get ahead in life …They will crucified you for that , I have to admit that a am a very naive person sometimes and I have a tendency to think that everybody is nice and real and people will help me if I ask them and they will understand that” I just want to create new work for  women and for Canadian “… One thing I can tell you now is I know that if I was a white man and I created 13 Witches with all the awards and the buzz that came with it my experience will of been different.Everybody will support me instead of trying to put me down .Don’t get me wrong I have had some support but they tried to keep it quiet they will message me privately on Facebook to tell me ” I support you ” …They will message privately to ask me to support their projects ( which I love to do by the way …I am a fan to any artists who work hard to do their thing ) .  They will tell me on the street while nobody is there”I support what you do” or “I love 13 witches ” …But when I see them in a event with their friends they will look like they don’t know me . NEVER they will post publicly on my Facebook wall their support …I work 24/7 to do something that will be so much easier to do if I was a white man. I am not frustrated. I am just real and I wanted to share it with the readers of this blog 🙂

I have to admit ( event though it is the worst thing to write ) but sometimes I just wish I was white … I sometime fantasize about how things will of been so much easier if I was a white blonde girl …I imagine how I will succeed if I won all those award while I was a white hot man in Vancouver…How people will support me and how my friend will give me their full support . But I can’t change the way I was born and for those you are sending me racist message telling me to go back to Africa …The only thing I can respond to them is I was born in Canada and event though I LOVE all the beautiful pictures I saw of Africa ( and by the way Africa is not a country just so you know) …I don’t know “Africa” my origin is from Haiti and I never been to Haiti ( I will go as soon as possible) . So unfortunately for my racist haters I am more Canadian than Caribbean …I also never really travel other place than Canada or United States even though my bucket list is full of places I want to go.

Than I remember one thing; Once I will succeed to create what I want to do I will be more proud and maybe I will be able to inspire other black little girls with no connections and not from a rich family to work 24/7 to achieve their dreams.

My roles models are Oprah Winfrey ,Shonda Rhimes,Maya Angelou,Ava Duvernay,Tyra Banks,Pam Grier , Angela Bassett,Eartha Kitt, Naomie Campbell,Missy Elliott,Eve,Vivica Fox ,Condoleezza Rice, Michelle Obama and my MOTHER Marie Madeleine Dassas. If all those women at one point of their life decided to stop themselves because they were black I will be still working at McDonald ( I love working there it by the way but I wanted more)  because I not have the passion and the drive I have today.

Than I moved to Toronto . I love Toronto but my problem with Toronto is mostly the fact that I am a woman and lots of men will make me waste my time in business lunch meeting  and you realize they just wanted to have a lunch with you .I love taking lunch with new people but it will of been great if I knew it wasn’t a business meeting …So many time I worked like hell on a proposal ( and trust me it’s hard since English is not my first language) to realize the meeting was just an excuse to meet me face to face. The sad thing is if they were honest with me I will of go to the meeting anyways because I love meeting new people and I LOOOVE food 🙂

Anyways this blog post was to answer to few people who wanted to know how was it for me to be black woman in Canada with so much dreams.But if you don’t dream it you can’t achieved it right?

I just want to say that so far, I love being a black woman in Los Angeles I feel so welcome there . I sometimes feel that L.A is probably the place who really understand my craziness and my ambitions …Maybe it will be the subject to another blog post .

Love you all my Darling 🙂


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