It’sย  funny how sometimes when you listening to the media talking about bullying they usually refer to kids that are doing the action .

Often in my mind when I listening to them their is a little question inย  my mind …Where were the adult in the school ? How come nobody did something ?

I don’t talk about it very often but the subject of bullying is something very important for me …

From 6 to 10, I was beating regularly in school ,the bigger kids use to hit me so hard at recess that I was still bleeding when I went back to class …No teacher ever comes to me to ask me ” what happen ?” .Nobody got punish . No adult came to my rescue…It is normal ?

I use to hate all teachers for that.

You will tell me they were busy with overcrowded class or whatever reason you can find to protect them …

If yes … Why sometimes, the teachers were the ones who were calling me name? Why there were the ones who humiliate me in front of the class ? That way the student use to sees me as inferior to them .

I think …Yes we have to make sure the kids understand the fear and the suffering they are inflicting to their victimsย  but we also have to force the adult of the school to open their eyes and protect our kids.

We have to make sure that the parent of the bullier is taken care of making sure of punishing and informing his kid.

I was lucky enough to stand up and not let my mind filled with all the sadness of my childhood but most of the kids who suffer the same thing than me doesn’t always find a way to go through life easily.

My point is as adult and specially as teacher we have to take our responsibilities and make sure that our children are safe in school and the same things goes for the parents of the bullies


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