Interview with the wonderful writer and journalist Sonja Cassandra Perdue

Today I had the chance to have a great interview with the writer and journalist Sonja Cassandra Perdue . We had the chance to talk about me and my career as an actor,producer and writer of 13 Witches.

It was a great experience. I was a bit nervous since English is not my first language but I guess it`s a way to control your fear is to affront them and she is such a pleasant host she find a way to make me feel comfortable.


Here the interview if you want to listen to it.–call-in-is-347-326-9477


Cheers !

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  1. Hello Sabine,
    Happy Friday to you. A very nice relaxed interview. You have had numerous achievements and successes. I admire and applaud you for be the
    dominant in all those chosen areas of your career.
    I wish you continuing successes Stay Healthy, Humble and gratitude as you
    always are.

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