My new venture

Since I was young, I always wanted to sing on a stage.When I was between 5 to 1o  years old , I use to sing to some songs of Madonna , Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses and I imagined there was a crowed listening to me . I could not speak English so I was singing  phonetically . When I grew up I stopped .

Recently because of  Steve Lareau I start singing again . So we release a single call ” Let Them Hate ” . I wrote the lyric ,It was produced by Steve Lareau and HD Flat was feature on the song .

The next song we release was ” Une Mangeuse D ‘Homme” a French song .  Again I wrote the lyric and Steve produced it.

If you want to listen to it here’s the link of my Revernation :

Leave me a message so I know you listen to it my Darlings  🙂



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