The importance of smiling

When I was born my mother use to tell me that I used to laughing for nothing .I was in my cradle and i was staring at the ceiling and I used to laugh and laugh for no reason …When I looked back I guess I was laughing because I knew that I will have a hard childhood and I better laugh now when I am still cute. I probably knew that I better be happy now because the road of my life will be a hard one.

I than stop laughing (genuinely) for at least 17 years, with my crazy childhood and teen life I didn’t have the occasion to laugh a lot .
When I turn eighteen I decided to laugh again for no reason …I was going to school with a smile just to be more popular with the guys …I when to a high school with only girls so I when to college (Cegep in Montreal) I discovered that men looks at you more if you smile and I was a chubby girl with a nerdy look I needed help and a smile is the best make up.
With the smile came the success and the confidence .I started writing in the school newspaper, started directing my own committee of Amnesty International etc …( I don’t feel like bragging but I did a lot during this period and I am still doing a lot now )
Since then, I never stop smiling in public .I realize that when you smile you bring the vibration of success to your life…I had some crazy hard time after 18 and I cried a lot but I always respect the fact that in front of strangers you have to smile …Life is like a campaign and to win and become successful in it you have to shake hands and smile…
Now I smile to all of you who are reading this post and I know the smile will brings the vibration of success in all my endeavors. I also invite you to do the same and you will be surprise of how your life will change 🙂

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