Who is Sabine Mondestin ?

If you “Google” me you will realize that I am on every social media possible . The reason for that is to be able to promote me ,my work and my company .

The only thing is I often try not to talk to much about my personal life . I am a very introvert person posing as a extrovert . I don’t always go in detail on what I do because that’s the way I was raise but I quickly realized that in the industry I choose to work  it pays to look very very extrovert .So I decided to talk little bit more about my personal life . I am not going to talk about the things that are already in my biography because if you follow my career you probably already read it.I am always open to questions so this post is to reply to some very great comments I received on different social media.

I was born and raise in Montreal so I am French Canadian. I am the third children of  a big family of 5 . I have 3 sisters and one brother . My mother raise all of us.We were definitely not rich and my mother worked 2 jobs most of her life ,she had few business .

She died way too young.She was 53 years old when she past away .She had colon cancer. It was one of the worst thing that happen to me…I think losing your mother is a very hard to go through.  I was not present when she was sick because I was very busy and to be honest I seriously though that she will be cure . To be very open with you I will NEVER forgive myself for that . Since than, I am on a race to make her proud . I want her to look at me from where she is and really be PROUD of me . I guess that’s why I can be very depress when I fail on something.

I had a very hard childhood ,it can be the subject of a least 3 lifetime movies 🙂 . You probably already know that I was BADLY bullied when I was young …I used to be beat up by 2 or 3 boys at the same times, when I was 6 until I was 9 or 10 years old I am not sure. Sometimes I did not know how many kids were hurting me because I was on the floor in a fetus position trying to protect my face.I was way to ashamed to talk about it to my parent. The teachers and the school director knew about  it …They never did anything to help me. . I most of the times They aggravated the situation . I was the kid that everybody could pass their rage on. I used to go back home with my clothes completely ripped and, because I was afraid to say what happen, I used to said it happen while I was playing.So I used to be seriously grounded and being grounded in a ethic family is seriously different than being grounded in a white Canadian family 🙂 …So trust me it was not fun times.

Than,few years ago,I met one on the subway who recognize me, because of the space on my teeth. He came to me and called me by my name. I was very surprise because I did not recognized him at first . He was always a tall guy but I was so much more taller …He told me his name and told me we went to school together…and to be honest with you when I realized who he was…All the frightening feeling of the scare little girl came back . He realized that and ask me to not be afraid  . He said that I was hoping that one day he will see me again to ask for my forgiveness for what he and his friends did to me …I wanted to cry but I wanted him to see that I was strong now so I plant my nails in my hand trying to look very controlled in front of him.While he was speaking all the flashback of what I suffered was in my head .

He was literally begging for my forgiveness …He told me that at home his parents used to hurt him so bad so he felt powerful when he was hurting and he felt even more powerful to be able to make his friend slap me and kick me . He was almost crying . Than, for a moment, I stopped thinking about me and  I saw the tall young men crying in front of me in a subway in Montreal begging for my forgiveness so I hug him …He was very surprise . I told him I forgive you and I left.

Yes I did forgive him but I will never forget the teachers and the director who knew what was going on and never helped me because I was just a little black girl.

I also saw another one of the kid in the subway . He was looking at me I recognized him . He smiled at me trying to engage the conversation but I was seriously not in the mood for this type of conversation so I walk away as fast as I can.

After him maybe few years ago when I was in Vancouver and I was already on all the social media I received a anonymous email asking for my forgiveness for what he did to me .

I have to say there was one girl who helped me and try to protect me when I was young her name is Magalie .She is now a successful lawyer in Montreal.We still keep in touch through LinkedIN .

When I was young the only time I was happy and alive is when I was performing to be very honest with you it is still the case now .

I studied in Communication and Journalism. I also studied in Photography . I also went to private school for Journalism where all the  teacher were journalists …  Where I start to work as a journalist I realized I did not like it .I also studied and so many other thing because I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life. I have to say now it help me with my script.

I studied journalism because I was an idealist . I worked for different non profit organisation hoping to make a difference in people life. But my work in Amnesty International really change my life . I started to volunteer for Amnesty at 12 years old and later in my life when I was in college I was the president of the school organization. I was creating campaign and it was really amazing . I loved it …But I could not do everything at the same time so I had to quit.

I really enjoyed when I feel that I really can make a difference in somebody life. I wish when I will be more successful in my career I will able to give back and really help people .

My Ambitions : Right now I am working on my acting career…I am always working on different project to feature my skills.

I also sing and I am developing different projects. I am working on selling 13 Witches and different project that I wrote. I am in Los Angeles for this purpose at this time.

I am also director …I studied for it.The first thing I directed happen by accident , since then I directed few things and I just got another offer to direct feature film…I will let you know about this project in another post.

At the same time I am working to expend My destiny Production ( it’s the English translation of my last name )  ( http://www.mydestinyproduction.com/ ) …I am at this moment working on finding partner who are willing to invest in our amazing work .”MyDestiny Production” is a vibrant, young and creative production company specialized in producing short movies, feature films, documentaries, live events, music videos, photography ,corporate video and online contents. I know it’s a lots but I am ready to work 24/7 to make it a successful company.

I am also the owner of a film festival: Open Toronto Film Festival  ( http://owtff.com/ ). We are actively looking for sponsors. OWTFF provides an equal chance of winning for all entrants, regardless of size and budget. Entries are judged on Quality of Craft and Creativity. Our goal is to help artists gain publicity, media exposure, and momentum, as well as pay Tribute to their Ingenuity.

At OWTFF we welcome filmmakers and artists from all walks of life. We also welcome productions from any year.

I also have a very successful shoes blog The pretty shoes : http://theprettyshoes.com/ …I started this blog because I really love shoes and quickly I realize I was not the only one 🙂

I know the more I work ,the more I will make my mother proud of me and and maybe forgive myself for my past mistakes 🙂

On the lighter side, I LOOOVE to smile and laugh …I am the laughing girl on every group and I have the loudest laugh ever …I love to hear people stories first it helped me in my writing  and second I just love to listen what people have to say. I feel that I can learn from anybody and I am always on the search for a mentor .

I also get drunk way to easily so I don’t drink more than one glass of wine in public .I also love to eat specially seafood and chicken. I am a big fan of all martial art movie. I am also a big fan of action, horror,fantasies,comedy ,political and biographical movies .I also LOOOVE documentaries I almost watched all the documentary in the Canadian Netflix ( I have to say Canadian Netflix because the United Stated Netflix is way way better and it’s seriously not fair)

I also love going to the gym …but if you see me in the gym you might not be able to speak to me because I put my music so loud in my ears so I can be in my own world. It is the best way to centered myself.

My dream is to act in a Marvel or DC comics film because I am a comic book nerd. I wish to be in the next Expendable because all the actors I grew up to love are in those film. I also dream of being in a film directed by ; Quentin Tarantino ,Robert Rodriguez,Christopher Nolan ,Steven Spielberg,Martin Scorsese,John Woo,Spike Lee,Steve Mcqueen,Lee Daniels,Ava Duvernay and so many more . And probably one day ,I will host SNL …I will be the first black French Canadian to host SNL 🙂

I think if you read all this blog post and all the other one I posted you will definitely be able to say you know me well  and you will realize that I am a dreamer but I am ready to work until I died to achieve my dreams …it’s a bit like 50 Cent album “Get Rich or Die Tryin’ ”

Love you All

Sabine Mondestin





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